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Brewing Soy Sauce

Wanjashan follows the thousand years of traditional and naturally brewing process combine with state of the art technology of crafting soy sauce.

Cooking Soybeans

It begins with sourcing mainly in the USA, only premium ingredients of soybeans (conventional or organic) , wheat (if used in our products), salt and reputable waters from New York.

Roasting wheat

The wheat, when used in our products, are meticulously roasted and crushed ready to be mixed with the cooked Soybean. This allows for better texture and enhancement of flavor.

Culturing with koji

The soybeans and wheat are combined with koji, allowing time to naturally culture for 3 days.


The fermentation will continue in the tanks after brine and Koji are mixed. This will create a mash called moromi. Overtime, the moromi matures to develop the sauce’s fragrance, texture, color and flavor. This process take about 3 to 12 months.

Pressing and filtration

After months of waiting, the matured mash is pressed and filtered to collect raw soy sauce.

Cooking soy sauce

The raw soy sauce is cooked at high temperatures. This allows for pasteurization of the sauce. Together with laboratory testing, Wanjashan makes sure that it is safe and delectable for consumption.


Our savory soy sauce is packed serving wide array of customers from industrial, food service and household needs.

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